GEMGroup is now Zenith American Solutions

An Important Announcement to our Clients, Service Providers and Funds' Participants

GEMGroup, Inc. has been providing third party administration services for multiemployer and Taft Hartley employee benefit Funds since its inception in 1932, and we have earned an excellent reputation among our clients and their participants as well as in the third-party benefits administration industry.

In 2010, GEMGroup joined with Zenith American Solutions, forming the largest independent Taft-Hartley third party administration firm in the United States, serving over 1.9 million participants with over 46 offices nationwide.

On September 1, 2017, GEMGroup will be rebranded as Zenith American Solutions and operate under the Zenith American banner, uniting what are now separate brands into one. Although our name is changing, some things will not change:

  • Our addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers will remain the same.
  • Your current service team will continue to provide you with the highest-quality administration and customer service you have come to expect and deserve.

This is an important milestone in the evolution of our company, and we are excited to be moving forward as Zenith American Solutions.

How do I use the new web site?

To access your personal information, click on the "Log in to your account" button at the top right of page.

There will be a drop down menu which asks where you want to go.


You will have three options which match what you are used to on the older GEMGroup page

  • Want to view your Participant Directed Investment Program?
    Choose the Topaz Direct option.
  • Want you view your Health Claims Information?
    Choose the Ruby-Plus option.
  • Want to view your Benefit Plan Information?
    Choose the Emerald Trac option.


  • Want to go into Emerald Trac?
    Choose the Employer Emerald Trac Portal (GEMGroup) option.
  • Want to upload files to Emerald Trac?
    Choose the Employer Upload Emerald Trac (GEMGroup) option.

Trust Employees

  • Want to go into Emerald Trac?
    Choose the Trust Emerald Trac Portal (GEMGroup) option.

Healthcare Providers

  • Want to view Health Claims and Eligibility Information?
    Choose the Ruby-Plus option.

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